Richard Heft: Markets, Inflation, and Missing the Point on ESG

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We recently had a thought provoking conversation with Richard Heft, President and Co-Founder at EXT. Marketing in Toronto. We like talking to Richard as he as a uniquely qualified perspective on the entire Canadian investment industry, as one of the heads of what is arguably one of the best institutional communications consulting and production teams, now on both sides of the border. Along with EXT.'s co-founder, Jillian Bannister, Richard leads a group of communications and marketing experts working with North America's largest financial institutions.

They talk to just about everyone in the business about what's going on and all of the thought leadership that's occurring across the investment company ecosystem, and have a bird's eye view all that is happening, all of the opinions that are floating around, from all sides of the investment business.

Please enjoy our conversation and interview. This is part one of our conversation.

We will share part two of our conversation tomorrow, in which we discuss a multitude of ways advisors can step up their communications strategies with their clients in what is and has otherwise been a very difficult and challenging year and transition period, for all as investors.

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