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My Heart Wanted to Change; My Mind Just Didn't Know How: Tuba's Recovery Story

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In this episode of You and I 4 the Kenai, Aaron and Koebryn sit down with our friend Tuba as he tells us his recovery story. We chose this title because Tuba's story illustrates, in a beautiful and impactful manner, the way unresolved trauma can negatively impact people with even the most pure hearts. If you were to meet Tuba today, you'd meet loving and compassionate person who would go to earth's ends to help another. This wasn't the case years ago. Tuba is a prime example of why keeping people in their active addiction alive, and giving people a chance to recover, and being patient and compassionate towards those individuals is so important. We could say that recovery has changed Tuba, but we could also argue that it has returned him back to his natural state, as a loving, compassionate, and good natured friend.

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