The Readout Democracy Series Part Two: A Pacific Perspective

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Hi GWH listeners. We want to introduce you to a new show. It's called The Readout, and it's produced by the Development Intelligence Lab. We've never done this before, but we're simulcasting this six-part series of the Readout right here, where you get GWH. And we're doing this because we think you, our listener, will really love it. Enjoy! – GWH Team. - Welcome to Part Two of our Democracy Series, with Serena Sasingian (The Voice, Digicel Foundation). To learn more about the state of democracy, and what the Summit will mean for the region, let’s start where we should – with a Pacific perspective. Series host Bridi Rice shares what she’s learnt from her conversations with Serena – including how a particular speech at APEC in 2018 paints an interesting picture for the Summit. Want to learn more? Find our essay publication, including an essay from Serena, here. To learn more about The Readout and the work of the Development Intelligence Lab, head over to and find us on Twitter and LinkedIn. Happy listening. - The Lab.

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