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Welcome to Good Will Hunters’ Summer Series. This series is produced by Good Will Media. This series was born out of the realisation of one simple fact: for the first time in a generation - that’s over 20 years - the World Bank predicts a rise in extreme poverty. This is a confronting reality which is hard to imagine. What does it mean for those of us in the development sector, and the broader foreign policy community too? Our guest host for this six-part series, Bridi Rice, will facilitate conversations with those inside the Canberra foreign policy community - authors, development leaders, the media and even our friends across the ditch to bring you simple insights on development, and the making and shaping of Australian and foreign policy. Join Bridi this Summer for a great discussion that connects the Canberra bubble to the communities where we work and stay tuned to Good Will Hunters social media pages for launch dates.

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