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Metal Braces London - Forest & Ray - Dentists, Orthodontists, Implant Surgeons

The most commonly used orthodontic methods for correcting misaligned teeth are braces with metal wires. These dental appliances work by continuously applying pressure to the teeth and gradually moving them in a predetermined direction. The shape of your dental bone will change as your teeth move as a result of the force applied to give you a different and better appearance.

Metal braces are more effective than other newer orthodontic braces in treating severe overcrowding. Most people prefer them to clear aligners because they are less expensive. Less visible brackets may appear to be the better option for patients concerned about their appearance, but thanks to advances in technology, standard metal brackets are now more appealing than ever. They come in a variety of colours and shapes, and you never have to worry about losing them when you wear them. During each consultation, your orthodontist will move the teeth one at a time in small increments.

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