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Castmates Zach Erdem and Victoria Hilton reveal all of the behind-the-scenes drama of the new reality show, Serving the Hamptons’. Zach Erdem, owner of the famed restaurant 75 Main, talks about how the restaurant attracts some of the most famous celebrities and public figures – and how he trains his staff to interact with them. Manager of 75 Main, Victoria Hilton, talks about the entire staff living together for the summer and what house rules were broken during filming. Zach and Victoria talk about the weirdest requests they have ever received while working in the hospitality industry and their philosophy on customer service. Zach shares his personal story of growing up in a remote countryside in Turkey and working as a goat herder before finding a fateful photo of New York City and setting his sights there. Zach and Victoria share why they believe the Hampton’s is so famous and what celebrities have left them starstruck. They share what dramatic situations were caught on camera while filming the show and what castmates cannot keep a secret.


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