Hope for Prodigals & Their Parents, Part 3

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Many parents know the grief of having a teen or adult child who is hard hearted toward God. Is there any hope? What can parents do to reach a “prodigal” child for Jesus?

In part three of this podcast series, Dr. Rob Rienow shares biblical principles and practical steps to help parents and grandparents connect with their adult children and encourage them in their faith.

If you have a son or daughter far from God, you are not alone. There is hope! God can use you to make a huge impact in the life of your child – no matter how old they are or how far away they live.

If you have a prodigal son or daughter, be sure to get Dr. Rienow’s book, Never Too Late – as well as the Video Bible Study Series. Both the book and video series are available at VisionaryFam.com

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