Marketing Blueprint Series: Growing Your Real Estate Sphere of Influence (Part 1) with Julie Faupel

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Positioning Yourself as a Thought Leader in Luxury Real Estate:

Building connections in luxury real estate is a huge component of finding future success within the industry. The network you build, otherwise known as your sphere of influence, is not only the foundation of your referral base, but also the foundation of a successful professional career. To find true success though, you need to make a concerted effort to systematically build your sphere (as opposed to just unconsciously growing it).

One way to expand your sphere is to position yourself as a thought leader, particularly within your community. Remember, if you can help make the community around you successful, the community around you will in turn likely help you achieve success as well. Forging close relationships with others — relationships built upon trust and providing valuable information — is the key to building your sphere and expanding your future referral pipeline. Remember, people don’t necessarily want to work with you because of what you do…they most likely want to work with you because of who you are as a person (and trusted real estate advisor).

Topics and Questions You’ll Uncover During this Episode:

  • Why is it important to become a thought leader in luxury real estate?
  • How to position yourself as a thought leader in your local community
  • Why you should always seek out becoming the go-to expert
  • How to define luxury in the real estate industry
  • Why you should actively diversify your sphere of influence

Resources Mentioned within Episode:

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