S2E40: You Wanna Be a Real Lancer?!

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Dungeons + Drama Nerds द्वारा - Player FM और हमारे समुदाय द्वारा खोजे गए - कॉपीराइट प्रकाशक द्वारा स्वामित्व में है, Player FM द्वारा नहीं, और ऑडियो सीधे उनके सर्वर से स्ट्रीम किया जाता है। Player FM में अपडेट ट्रैक करने के लिए ‘सदस्यता लें’ बटन दबाएं, या फीड यूआरएल को अन्य डिजिटल ऑडियो फ़ाइल ऐप्स में पेस्ट करें।

Meet our crew of pilots in our session zero for Lancer as our players talk character concepts and how their squad came together.

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Dungeons and Drama Nerds is produced by Todd Brian Backus, Percival Hornak, and Nicholas Orvis, and is mixed and edited by Anthony Sertel Dean.

Our Lancer game features Julia Doolittle as the GM, Todd Brian Backus as Derrick McDuck, Jovane Caamaño as Hatuey, Ben Ferber as 18,000/Fish (Eighteen Thousand, slash, fish), and Britt A Willis as Decency B. Damme. Lancer was written by Miguel Lopez and Tom Parkinson Morgan and was published by Massif Press.

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