Class War In Indian Railways | Aman Garg | Dostcast 148

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Aman Garg, the OG Dostcast guest runs EBullient Gaming, a talent management company for content creators. He has worked with some famous names - from Carryminati to KKR.

In this podcast, Vinamre and Aman talk about Donald Trump, the Truecaller controversy, the era of super apps, how instagram will make you NFT rich, and the fun of travelling in Indian railways.

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0:00 Intro

2:48 Why we dislike Neelesh Mishra

4:25 The future of online courses in India

6:23 How Donald Trump divided the U.S.

14:27 Getting drunk and seeing Baba Sehgal LIVE

24:36 Vinamre narrates a story about a crazy fight in a train

32:15 Why content creators are becoming celebrities

35:12 Why most companies hate Truecaller

44:13 Aman tells a funny story about Elon Musk's Chinese doppelganger

49:52 Why young tech CEOs are under so much pressure

54:59 Aman and Vinamre review the Jio and Paytm super-apps

1:00:39 How to not get sick after eating a frog

1:04:46 Conclusion
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