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Back in 2002, I decided I wanted to fulfil one of my lifetime ambitions and create a rock band. I'd been jamming consecutively with two friends with two alterego bands: NAEVUS (with Saqib Ahmed) and BEEFCAKE (with Abinand Rajkumar) but thought it time to create something more solid than me on guitar and keyboard, and a partner on vocals and guitar. It was time to think bigger. So began Everyday 50 - a Manchester indie rock band, created from posting an ad up at the sadly now shut Johnny Roadhouse Music on Oxford Road in Manchester. Over the course of a year, we bonded, we jammed, we gigged, and put together this beautiful gem of an album. We gigged some more, created some more, and then I graduated and, to be perfectly honest, wasn't pulling my weight at all with my time divided between DJing, acting, radio presenting and my finals. So they kicked me out. Yes, I got Jack-Blacked out of the band I created :p They found a replacement for me, and kept strong for another couple of years, but then decided to go their separate ways. Nonetheless, it was an amazing experience. If time allows, would love to be part of a band again, but for now, it's good to know that I can at least tick the experience off the bucket list. START OF THE STORY by Everyday 50 Singer: Brett Drums: John Guitar: Saq Guitar: Shai Bass: Ant

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