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Cheers to the keto diet with these sugar-free cocktail ideas. Woo hoo! There is no need to miss out on tropical flavors or fun favorites with so many low-carb alternatives. Here are my suggestions for mixed drinks and sugar-free cocktails.

Sugar-free Cocktail Ideas

Are you more interested in beer or wine while on keto? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. There are plenty of options for alcoholic drinks on DIRTY, LAZY, KETO. That’s the beauty of this lifestyle – choices!

Sugar-free Cocktail Ideas

As long as you choose a low carb liquor or no carb alcohol, the Keto diet and alcohol don’t have to be separate entities. The problem isn’t finding low-carb alcoholic drinks — there are plenty to choose from! The challenge comes from making poor decisions involving food after imbibing. Chips and dip? Bring it on! Want to order pizza? Why not? DIRTY, LAZY, KETO and alcohol work well together as long as you can maintain self-control and avoid the late-night Taco Bell drive-thru. Let’s keep it real.

Sugar-free Cocktail Ideas Tips and Tricks

With keto tips and tricks like these, you’ll build weight loss routines that are doable for the long haul. That’s the whole point, right? To get off the weight loss merry-go-round for good.

Ketosis Guide: DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Get Started Losing Weight by Stephanie Laska

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Weight Loss Transformation. What Ketosis and a Low Carb Diet Can Do. DIRTY LAZY KETO by Stephanie Laska

I believe that DIRTY, LAZY, KETO is an “easier” ketogenic diet that’s doable for everyone. It works because it’s so flexible. There’s no complex math or fancy ingredients required to get into ketosis and start a weight loss transformation of your own. Regular food from “normal people” grocery stores (and a willingness to try) is all you need.

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Readers agree. DIRTY, LAZY, KETO works!

Ketosis and Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss with DIRTY, LAZY, KETO by Stephanie Laska

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