The #1 Thing You Must Do to Be at Peace, Purposeful, and Productive in Your Single Season

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😕 Single and not happy about it?
🥰 I've been there! It wasn't a great space to be in for me either, but eventually, I accepted the season God had me in, and, dare I say it, learned to enjoy it!
Today I'm going to share with you the #1 thing I did to make that happen, because going through life unproductive and miserable while you're waiting for your husband to show up, isn't an option Sis; not on my watch! You have too much PURPOSE to fulfill!
☕️ 📓 🖋️ 🛋️ ▶️ So, grab your favorite drink, a journal and your favorite pen, get comfy, and press play on this episode!⁣⁣
Love & Light ❤️🕯️,⁣
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