Bonus Holiday Episode: Wield Your Sword

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🎄🥺 The holidays can be rough for some of us.
😈 🎯 The enemy is very strategic, and uses this time of year specifically, to target and attack the minds and spirits of those he knows feel lonely and forgotten.
✝️ ♟️God, however, is the MASTER of strategy, and has given us armor and weapons to withstand any spiritual attack!
🗡️🕊️ In Matthew 4, when Jesus is being tempted by the enemy, He demonstrates use of one of these spiritual weapons - the sword of the Spirit.
In this episode, we’ll discuss what the sword of the Spirit is, and how to use it to counter the lies the enemy tells you this holiday season.
Ladies...prepare for battle ⚔️!
Love & Light ❤️🕯️,⁣
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