Cybersecurity In Movies & Pop Culture. The Value Of Representation. Ron Gula, Gula Tech Adventures.

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Cybercrime Magazine द्वारा - Player FM और हमारे समुदाय द्वारा खोजे गए - कॉपीराइट प्रकाशक द्वारा स्वामित्व में है, Player FM द्वारा नहीं, और ऑडियो सीधे उनके सर्वर से स्ट्रीम किया जाता है। Player FM में अपडेट ट्रैक करने के लिए ‘सदस्यता लें’ बटन दबाएं, या फीड यूआरएल को अन्य डिजिटल ऑडियो फ़ाइल ऐप्स में पेस्ट करें।
In this episode, host Hillarie McClure is joined by Ron Gula, President and Co-Founder of Gula Tech Adventures, to discuss all things cybersecurity in movies and pop culture, including why this type of representation is so important, which films and television shows impacted him the most, and more. The “Hacker’s Movie Guide” 2022–2023 Edition, published by Cybersecurity Ventures, is available on Amazon and you can order a printed or Kindle edition of the book. For more movies, visit • For more on cybersecurity, visit us at

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