THE WILD MAN INTERVIEWED | MARK TWAIN | Feat. Scott Jameson | Ajay Tambe

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International Storytelling Event : podcastaudios Exclusive : THE WILD-MAN INTERVIEWED ( Mark Twain) Feat. Our Guest Storyteller : Scott Jameson . . Brought to you by : Author Ben Wolfe Internationally Bestselling Fantasy and Children's Book Author . Fb : . --------------Twitter : . ------------ About the Story : Mark Twain is often considered the first truly American voice in this country's literary history. “The Wild Man Interviewed” is a satirical short story, published in 1868. The narrator, being a reporter, decided to interview the wild man, the strange creature with long arms, ugly and cumbrous, who lived in the woods like a wild beast, but never angry; he avoided men, but appeared suddenly and unexpectedly to women and children; went armed with a club, but never molested any creature, except sheep, or other animals. The reporter felt that the creature’s life story must be a sad one -- a story of suffering, disappointment, and he aspired to discover the secret of wild man’s life. . --------------- About our Guest : Scott Jameson is an American actor, producer and voice artist. Currently based in Dallas, Texas, he began acting in live theater productions at the age of five. Today he primarily does on-camera work in films, television and commercials. Scott is working on two feature films that are currently in production. The first, titled “The Talent Process,” will be released during 2022 in select theaters across the U.S. and on streaming platforms. It introduces his character Serket (pronounced sir-KET), who then becomes the main character in the sequel, “Serket” which will release in 2023. To find out more about Scott, check out his IMDb profile ( and Follow him on Facebook ( . ----------------------- Connect With Us : --- Support this podcast:

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