The Story of an Hour (Extended)|Kate Chopin | Feat. Willie D Davis IV |Jessica Weinberg| Ajay Tambe

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Most Controversial by American standards of the 1890s😲 . a short exploration of marriage and repression in America In 1890's. In “The Story of an Hour,” independence is a forbidden pleasure that can be imagined only privately. “The Story of an Hour.” Now, over a century later, the story remains one of Kate Chopin’s most well-known works and continues to shed light on the internal struggle of women who have been denied autonomy. The forbidden joy disappears as quickly as it came, but the taste of it is enough to kill her. Women who worked while they were married or pregnant were judged even more harshly. Women of Kate Chopin’s social rank were expected to not work at all, sometimes even delegating the responsibility of managing the house or child-rearing to maids or nannies. In the 1890s, working was only for lower class women who could not afford a life of leisure In reaction to this, the National American Woman Suffrage Association was created in 1890, which fought for women’s social and political rights. While Kate Chopin was not a formal member of the suffragette movements, she did believe that women should have greater freedoms as individuals and often talked about these ideas in her works, including in “The Story of an Hour. Connect with our Guest Storyteller : Willie D Davis IV on Instagram @theactorwillied and @nexicon : . Jessica Weinberg : Connect with us : --- Support this podcast:

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