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Hello 911, We Got an EMERGENCY!!!! A Terrible Car Crash !!! (THE FORTUNATE MISHAP a Chapter from Amazon Bestseller Book SNIFFLES AND SMILES By Author Niraja Bandi) . International Storytelling Event ( A podcastaudios Exclusive ✅) Featuring Chris bath as Guest Storyteller ✅. Frantic experiences of life have taken her towards stress. The gloom surmounted and situations lead her into a crash. Once awake she found herself in a hospital. The problems formed a vicious circle, whether Bella could survive or give up before her tragic life? . Life gives us various emotions. It throws hurdles one after the other. Yet, we need to find a way to keep moving and find our happiness. This story is about Bella. At the beginning, Bella met an accident and Andrew who is an emergency medical technician helps her to hospital. He isn't very emotional yet he finds some deep connection towards this stranger. He is concerned for her. Bella has lost her passion for life due to some unfortunate circumstances. But as the story progresses, Andrew helps her and explains how beautiful life is. Bella who never became weak in front of anyone, finds her solace in this stranger. They instantly connect through their perspective towards life. The story contains a great philosophy about life, obstacles, emotions, perspectives, positivity, etc. The author has narrated these aspects beautifully. People who don't like fiction, can also read this to gain some motivation towards life. Overall, I enjoyed it. The narration is simple yet powerful. The characters are well developed. The language is flawless. I could easily connect to the deep thoughts narrated. Actually, everyone is having some or other problems in their life so this will be a good read if you're feeling low at any point. ----- Get Yours Now : Sniffles and Smiles: A roller Coaster ride through the life of Bella About our Guest - Chris Bath is an American actor currently based in Knoxville, TN. He began pursuing acting in 2015 and after being signed to Gage Models and Talent agency in Knoxville, and has acted in a number of crime documentary television shows such as Snapped: Killer Couples, #Murder, Homicide Hunter, and Dying to Belong. He has also done some modeling with his former agency as well as acting in commercials. His first feature film appearance, Marbles and Bullets, is scheduled to be released in 2022. To find out more about Chris, visit his IMDb page at Chris can also be followed on Facebook at and Instagram at You Can (Support/Be a Part ) Chris in His Upcoming Film Project more Info : . ----------- Connect with Us : --- Support this podcast:

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