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🙊Don't miss the Peter Rabbit Chase!!!🤯🥵😖. Beatrix Potter's first and one of her best💯. A timeless classic for any ages. Everyone wants to explore forbidden things, and Peter Rabbit is no different. He sneaks into the garden, and Mr. McGregor chases him . Despite his mother's warning, Peter Rabbit explores Mr. McGregor's garden. Sure enough, Mr. McGregor chases Peter with a rake. Peter loses his shoes among the potatoes and cabbage, and his jacket gets caught in a gooseberry net.What Happened After that is Exciting!!!! . The tale of Peter is a fun adventurous one with Mr McGreggor and flopsy, mopsy and Cotton tail. Did You Know. ----. Story of Beatrix Potter Publishing this Tale : The short tale was originally written for private enjoyment. Potter created the title character in 1893 in a letter she wrote to amuse the sick child of her former governess. However, Potter’s friends later encouraged her to look for a publisher. After the work was rejected, she released it herself in 1901. The original version had 42 black-and-white illustrations and was printed in a small format, which she designed so that even very young children could hold the book. The work proved highly popular, and Frederick Warne & Co. subsequently agreed to publish it. After various changes—Potter notably colourized the accompanying images—The Tale of Peter Rabbit was commercially released in 1902. About our Guest Storyteller : Rem Ortega - Rem Ortega is a 4-year marketing specialist turned podcast manager and producer for over a year. Rem began listening to podcasts in 2018 and is now a podcast management wiz who has worked on over 15 podcasts and different podcast agencies to help podcasters reach a wider audience! Rem is currently offering free podcast audits with discovery calls to any podcaster who is interested to work with her which you can book on www.podcastmanagementwiz.com. You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook @podcastmanagementwiz. Being a total podcast junkie, Rem features different podcasts that she’s listened to (for over 16,000 minutes via Spotify wrapped) on her #PodcastOfTheWeek segment. Go DM her a podcast recommendation it could be your own podcast and you might get a feature! KEYWORDS : funny bedtime stories bedtime stories for girls bedtime stories free bedtime stories to read online bedtime stories to tell short bedtime stories for kids bedtime stories movie short bedtime stories bedtime stories for adults short stories bedtime stories for kids in english bedtime stories youtube funny bedtime stories for adults bedtime stories to read free bedtime stories for babies bedtime story for baby famous bedtime stories short bedtime stories funny bedtime stories pdf short bedtime stories for girlfriend bedtime story books short bedtime stories online bedtime stories to fall asleep bedtime stories with pictures short bedtime stories for girls short bedtime stories free very short bedtime stories scary bedtime stories for adults short story for kids short stories for kids free bedtime stories for kids short bedtime story for kids classic bedtime stories for kids bedtime stories for kids pdf short stories for.kids pdf bedtime stories for adults 8 hours free bedtime stories for adults to fall asleep pdf free bedtime stories for adults podcast funny bedtime stories for adults pdf popular short bedtime stories short story short bedtime stories short bedtime stories for adults to fall asleep --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/creativecellsaudios.in/support

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