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Craufurdland Castle in Fenwick, Ayrshire, keeps its secrets close. It has been held in the same family for almost two thousand years. It is the early 1800s. Janet Craufurd, Lady of the house, She suspects that the house has its own story to tell – a story lost in a secret passage, in hidden rooms, in dusty books and neglected papers , someone is watching her as she searches for answers; someone she cannot see but whose presence she senses as she works. She writes in her diary, charting the progress of renovations to the estate which has suffered years of neglect. But Janet’s mind is not easy!! This Audio Drama is based on historical documents and facts, as well as on family stories and a real diary written by Janet Craufurd from 1808. It is a blend of facts and fiction, and the current Laird and Lady of Craufurdland loved it! . Jill Korn Says : I have made up almost all of the dialogue, but have relied on Janet’s diary to draw her character and to interpret the kind relationship between husband and wife as they work to restore the castle for themselves and their family. The story of the Earl’s head seen rolling across the floor in Dean Castle is commonly told in different versions to visitors to the castle, but as far as I know there are no ghosts reported in Craufurdland Castle. I made up the ghost of JWC who watches Janet writing in her diary from his favourite chair in the library. I have guessed at Isabella’s character, and have also guessed that she might not like Janet going back over the family history which still holds painful memories for her. Produced by Jill Korn In Collaboration with Sound Escape Theatre Connect with us : Insta : Facebook : Our Website : --- Support this podcast:

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