YOU Should Open Your Business in Wyoming with Mark Pierce

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In this episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Mark Pierce, founder of Cloud Peak Law Group, PC. Mark got his accounting and statistics degree in 1979 before realizing that he did not enjoy his work. Cut to a couple of years and an offshore job later, he decided to go to law school. Mark studied to become a tax attorney and worked in mergers and acquisitions before starting his own company. Today, his company has a physical presence in 5 states. Their goal is to help small businesses with tax advice, build trusts, and provide them with a solid and inexpensive legal arrangement for their businesses.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Wyoming – the place for an LLC
  • The difference between a single-member LLC
  • Transferring money from one LLC to another
  • Keeping track of your expenses and making sure you are above board
  • Partnership LLC and the IRS
  • What it means Tax-wise when your business runs in one place and is registered in another
  • What happens with an E-commerce business

Make sure to tune in on this episode to learn more about accounting, taxes, and the advantages of starting a business in Wyoming.

Find your flow,

Casey Brown

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