Poland and business in Poland in 2022 - what to expect?

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Happy New year! What can we expect from 2022 when it comes to Poland and business in Poland?

In this New year episode I am telling you shortly what I expect is going to happen with business life in 2022.

The Polish economy in 2022

The new Polish Deal tax reform will of course have an influence on business in Poland. But how will it go with other parts of the Polish economy such as the GDP and the inflation that have been very high in 2021? I will give my perspective on that matter.

Outsourcing to Poand still a hit?

In many years it has become very popular to outsource to Poland especially when it comes to the IT sector. Will that still be the case this year as well or will it change and if yes, how? Another area that I will talk about in this episode of Biz in Poland podcast.

Poland and it´s relationship with EU

The Polish government and EU have not had the best relationship in recent years, to put it mildly. Will it escalated so Poland will leave EU or will EU kick Poland out? I am also discussion that matter because it will of course also have a big effect on the way to do business in Poland and in the rest of EU.

These are some of the subjects that I will talk about in this 5 episode of Biz in Poland podcast. Do you agree or not? Once again a Happy New Year, I hope 2022 will be a great year for you and your busniess!

Maybe this year will be the year that you will expand to Poland and/or want to find Polish suppliers. I can help you succeed with that. Just book an appoinment even a free session and I will tell you how!

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