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Welcome to Biz in Poland podcast and the first episode. It is a welcome and introduction episode.

You will get to know who I am besides being your host. My name is Søren Christensen and the owner of that is a part of my company that is named after me, in oter words Søren Christensen.

Besides learning a bit about me, you will also hear what you can expect and what to gain from listening to Biz in Poland podcast. You can by the way also book an online consulting appointment here and even a free one as well!

Episode two is also available now

You can already now listen to the second episode of Biz in Poland. The subject is the pros and cons regarding doing business in Poland. You can also there read a bit more about the podcast.

If you have any suggestions to subjects and/or guest for future episodes, then you are more than welcome to contact me.

Want to learn more about Biz in Poland?

If you would like to know more about Biz in Poland and the owner (Søren Christensen), you can read more on the About Biz in Poland page. If you would like to know more about my consulting services then you can also do that.

I also have a version of the website in Danish then you can visit it if you prefer to read the information in that language. I also have many blog posts on that website that might will interest you.

Support dog shelters in Poland - become a patron

You will learn how to save money and much more. As a Biz in Poland patron plus 10% of the patron income each month will go to a dog shelter decided by the patrons.

There are many different benefits as well. Sign up at Help the dogs, your business and the podcast by signing up and remember to subscribe to the podcast, thanks!

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