How to register your company in Poland in 2022

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When you will register a company in Poland you will first need to decide which one of the 8 company forms you will use. There are different rules applying to each one.

The sole trade company form is the most simple also to register. You can read more about that company form here.

Compare the Polish company forms

If you need another form type you can compare the 7 other ones in this official document from the Polish authorities.

If you want the sole trade option you can register it online on this website. I am in this episode talking about how you do it.

When you register your firm you need to register your type of business activity. For that purpose you need to choose a PKD code. You can browse them here. You can have more than one business activity registered under the same company.

Special rules for non EU citizens

If you are not a EU citizen then special rules applies and you can hear more about it in this episode of Biz in Poland podcast as well. Also regarding work and stay permits.

More information and help with registering a firm in Poland?

On the official government websites that I link to above, you can get more information. But you might need a lawyer etc. for further help as I mention in this podcast episode. Biz in Poland can help you with that and I also offer other consultant services regarding the Polish market.

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