Brian Allan from Rock Your Business worked with Skylar Grey

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I was happy that Brian Allan, founder and owner of Rock Your Business was the first guest in Biz in Poland podcast.

One of the main reasons is that he has a very interesting business story to tell and about his life.

Music in many countries

Brian Allans life is full of music and in this interview he will take us from Germany to Scotland, Canada, USA and to Poland and tell us about how he got record deals, radio hits and ended up working with Skylar Grey even as her manager!

More over he also a X factor contestant some years back. See the video and other videos here.

Music event company in Poland

Today Brian Allan has his music event company in Poland called Rock Your Business but he and his team travels all over the world with the workshops.

Moreover he is also a keynote speaker where the subjects are Freddie Mercury and Abba from a business point of view.

Brian Allan talks about this and much more in this extra interesting episode of Biz in Poland podcast.

If you also are doing business in Poland and want to be a interviewed by me then write me at also if you want to know more about my consulting services.

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