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This week we’re serving up…

Aperitifs: The government gave a sort of dodgy contract to a fairly dodgy company and also wrote them a nice letter

Election Section: Pauline Hanson has ‘ghost candidates’ and a hilarious website, and the News Corp media is bashing the teal independents

Positivity Corner: Strikes, strikes, more strikes! Vic & NSW Bus Drivers and also NSW Public School teachers have all taken industrial action this week.

Fashy Australia: refugees are being treated awfully and moved in handcuffs to Christmas Island

First Nations: the NT Government is pouring in a huge investment into police, directly against the wishes of the First Nations communities in the Territory

Blurst Take: (34:13 - 51:10) A woman was killed by her husband this week and the media has reported on it irresponsibly and unethically

SPOTW: We’re doing a Worst Person in Auspol Tournament in our meme group

UFU: REIV CIA Agent (nickname pending) resigns after stealing ads…. But was it a false flag????

And you’ll just have to wait til the end for our Pupdate!

Read Amber Schultz’s article on the major parties’ policies on women’s safety

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