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Welcome back to... season 2? We've taken a hard right turn so we can continue to be critical of SOCIALIST TYRANTS the Australian Labor Party. This week we're serving up...

Aperitifs: Price of money going up. Coolibah herb unionist get an incredible win. Clowns CAN legally rub their butt on windows.

Positivity Corner: the Murugappan family are back in Biloela!!!!

(Post-) Election Section: There, uh, there was an election? We have a new PM, a new opposition leader, and... well, that's about it thus far.

First Nations: Tasmania is raising the minimum age of children in detention from 10 to 14. And in the NT Karrinjarla Mwajarri is a campaign to disarm the police and get guns out of Indigenous communities. Have a look at their website here: https://karrinjarlamuwajarri.org/ Also their fb page: https://www.facebook.com/karrinjarlamuwajarri

Support their fundraiser at https://chuffed.org/project/ceasefire

Potluck: You wanted it, we got it: a series of potlucks from climate genius Sam. This week they're telling us about carbon offsets and the fast and slow carbon cycles.

SPOTW / Broken Clock: Did you know politicians can post memes? Wtf??? Well, Dominic Perrottet made fun of Gladys Berryjuicelemon and we commend him for it.

Mains: the CEO of the NDIS has resigned. What else is going to change at the NDIA under the Labor government? Hopefully at least something.

And you'll have to listen to the end for our Pupdate!

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