Former Top 20 Poker Player Turned Productivity Pro Shares All Of His Secrets w/ Chris Sparks (TPS403)

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Today I’m joined by Chris Sparks. He’s the founder of Forcing Function where he helps executives achieve peak performance.

As a former top 20 poker player in the world, he takes lessons and frameworks that helped him become one of the best at poker to help others perform at the highest level and make better decisions.

We’ll be diving into Chris’s productivity methodology and strategies so you can use to perform at the highest level.

Welcome to the show Chris!

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  • Top 3 Productivity Resources [2:10]
  • What made Chris realize that poker was truly for him? [8:07]
  • What’s the difference between the average competitive poker player and the top-ranked players? [11:17]
  • How did Chris approach losing in poker? [14:14]
  • What was it like living in a “Poker House” for Chris? [19:15]
  • How does Chris think he would do if he had started poker now instead of in the late ’00s? [22:49]
  • What sorts of “waves” does Chris anticipate in his world in the coming years? [26:22]
  • How did Chris transition from the world of professional poker to business education? [29:13]
  • What are some concepts from professional poker that Chris applies to coaching and his own personal life? [32:04]
  • How does Chris apply the concept of “expected value” to everyday life? [37:10]
  • How would Chris assess and launch a new product? [45:10]
  • How does Chris coordinate with his wife when planning significant trips or outings? [49:00]
  • What is a life philosophy that resonates with Chris? [56:29]
  • How did Chris come up with the company name “Forcing Function?”[59:05]
  • What is Chris’ goalsetting approach like? [1:03:28]
  • Where is Chris on his productivity journey currently? [1:08:06]
  • Where can Chris be reached for services online? [1:11:34]


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