#44 Disha Wadekar (Lawyer, Supreme Court)

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Disha is an advocate practicing in the Supreme Court. She has also headed a legal resource center set up under a project by the London School of Economics. She is co-founder of CEDE, an organization to address the problem of the under-representation of minority communities in the legal profession and the judiciary.

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Some links and topics discussed during the podcast:

Topics Discussed in the podcast:

-Rarely discussed Ambedkarite history about Pune City.

-What really happened at the Bhim Koregaon in 2018.

-Vimukta identity and criminal act.

-Delta Meghwal rape case and struggle of the family for justice

-CEDE (Community for the Eradication of Discrimination in Education and Employment) is a network of lawyers, law firms, judges, and other organizations and individuals, who are committed to reforming the Indian legal profession.

And so much more.

Please support these fundraisers

Delta Meghwal’s family fighting for justice: https://milaap.org/fundraisers/support-lehari-devi

CEDE: https://www.cede.co.in/donate

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