#33 with Yashica Dutt

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Yashica is a journalist and the author of the book : Coming Out as Dalit. She received the Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar for the book in 2020. She has written for The New York Times, Foreign Policy , The Atlantic to name a few. As a freelance journalist, Yashica has worked with Hindustan Times, LiveMint, Scroll.in, The Wire and HuffPost India.

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In this very honest and no holds barred episode, Yashica talks about her growing up years in Rajasthan and explains why beyond the facade of tourism, Rajasthan remains one of the hellhole for Dalits and Women.

We discussed why oppression doesn’t disappear due to material gains and how the caste (and not class) remain the central figure in Indian society.

We discussed the abstract and psychological aspect of ‘homelessness’ for Dalits. Yashica also reveals if moving to America has been a liberating feeling.

There are so many more in this conversation which touches upon the idea of the caste, gender, Indian diaspora, Trauma and many social realities of the country.

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