#28 with Rofl Gandhi

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I had a lot of fun recording a new podcast with one of my favorite people on the internet - Rofl Gandhi. If you use Twitter then you'll be definitely familiar with his work and his style of satire.

In this podcast we talked about:

1. How the local humour of Haryana has shaped his own personal style of satire.

2. His story about why he joined Twitter.

3. Is Twitter a very important tool in setting the political agenda or is its reach in India overestimated ?

4. The reason behind the anonymous account.

5. The consequences of making jokes on India’s most powerful party.

6. How the ruling party organises targeted online attacks.

7. Situation in Haryana after Farmer’s protest.

8. Caste politics and social engineering or northern India.

9. He explains why Upper Caste Male media owners naturally align with the ideology of BJP and his prediction about how these powerful right-wing forces might be defeated one day.

Rofl Gandhi's Twitter: https://twitter.com/RoflGandhi_

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