#12 With Prof. Dilip Mandal

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Prof. Dilip Mandal is the former managing editor of India Today Hindi Magazine, and has authored books on media and sociology.

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In this podcast we talked about :

  1. Why he loves trolls so much.
  2. His view on trends such as - “ Arrest Dilip Mandal.”
  3. How he started his social media journey.
  4. The farce of ‘staying close to roots.’
  5. About over-romanticisation of villages.
  6. How the form of caste discrimination changed in the contemporary times.
  7. Will digital space democratize the media landscape ?
  8. On boring social media influencers.
  9. On Gaud Saraswat Brahmin Pride of Rajdeep Sardesai.
  10. Why IT cells are investing huge money on Social Media.
  11. How social media have changed after the entry of Bahujans.
  12. How the whole concept of Blue Tick works on social media.

And many more topics.

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