#10 With Buffalo Intellectual

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Buffalo intellectual is a very prominent intellectual voice on social media. He presents a Bahujan/Ambedkarite perspective and brings out the analysis that is often missing from the popular discourse. He is currently teaching at a university.

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In this podcast we discussed :

  1. The idea behind the name buffalo intellectual.
  2. How casteism in Indian academia operates in a ‘sophisticated manner.’
  3. Hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty of Savarna liberals.
  4. Smooth classism/casteism of insta reels.
  5. Structures of elite universities in India and how they became small island of privileged people.
  6. Buffalo intellectual brilliantly explains how a character like ‘Ronnie’ is made by Indian education system.
  7. Dominant Savarna culture of colleges and many ways in which students from Bahujan community are made to feel inferior.
  8. Why Article 15 is a terrible film.
  9. What is this learning -unlearning scam.

And many more.

Instagram of Buffalo Intellectual : https://www.instagram.com/buffalo.intellectual/?hl=en

My instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anuragminusverma/?hl=en

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