Young and Adventurous 011 – The Reason To Suspect Vampires

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In search of magical painter André Gauieux, our Adventurous heroes find their way to an art auction in the sewers of Ustalav. But first, they gear up to fight vampires, because the sewers of Ustalav.

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Young and Adventurous is a production of the Know Direction Network. GM Scott D Young brings the old Adventurous crew into a new edition of Pathfinder, running an original adventure that serves as a sequel to Paizo’s Pathfinder Society Scenario #2-17: Lost Maid of Anactoria. Syrinscape provided our theme song and background music. Check them out at Finally, the network and content like this is made possible thanks to the generous donations of our patrons at


Ryan Costello as Xavier Saveur

Jefferson Jay Thacker as Glanville Placid Humphrey Alencroft

Loren Sieg as Lily Campbell – Human Investigator of the Toxin Codexer variety, Young Reformer

Vanessa Hoskins as Idonia Stonebrook – Human Priestess of Milani

Jason Keeley as Oggdren Bloodhammer – Dwarf Cavalier, disgraced knight of the Taldan Horse

And Scott D Young as our illustrious Game Master.

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