ADHD and emotions, from anxiety to boredom (Dr. Sasha’s story)

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Dr. Sasha Hamdani is a psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD and anxiety. She was diagnosed with ADHD in fourth grade after starting what she calls a “riot” in her classroom. But she didn’t find out she had ADHD until much later, when she hit a wall in the competitive medical school environment. After discovering her diagnosis, she unplugged from academics to learn more about herself — and about ADHD. Now she debunks ADHD myths one by one on social media.
Dr. Sasha shares her story, including her thoughts on her parents’ decision to not tell her she had ADHD until she was an adult. Stay tuned to the end to hear Dr. Sasha talk about the connection between ADHD and anxiety. And get her advice on how to ask kids about ADHD symptoms and challenges, like boredom.
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