Episode 71: Woke BS at a museum, and flying crows

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(episode also on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn_xTpd4lFbYzEU3jzKNyOQ)

Batter up!
1930’s baseball game,

Trump’s ‘chocolate malted’,

Baseball games too long,

9/11 anniversary,

9/11 bar and grill,

Woke bullshit at the national history museum,

Teddy Roosevelt statue being removed,

There’s no point in debating anyone anymore,

Maybe races just can’t get along?

Melting pot ;)

Woke stuff is exhausting,

Wiping away bad history is stupid,

Woke people overreacting,

White people just took native American's land,

Get off your high horse,

I’m scared of horses and won’t ride any,

Horses = moody little bitches.

“As the crow flies” and phrases appearing in several things you’ve watched,

Using expressions but not making sense,

My week went pretty Monday to Friday,

America is tainted,

Bill Maher,

Vax mandate,

Vax card police,

Everyone is shitty and confrontational,

The lockdown would’ve sucked for any couple,

Nailing houses shut in the bubonic plague,

Nyc RATS vs nyc bedbugs,

My bedbugs experience in nyc,

Rats in NYC businesses,



Nostalgia video games,

Jerk off booths in Japan,

Japanese culture,

Stripper jerk off booths Jim Norton,

Cyber cafes in Japan

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