Deep Within The Avatar, ”In The Room” with 52 Jokers Wild

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You know, Garvin pretends he doesn't like to go deep. He sees himself as being quite simple and shallow, just paddling away letting nothing go higher than his ankles. BUT in this episode, he goes deep, and I mean deep, reaching down into the depths of his soul, where no one (including himself) has gone before. So deep, that even black holes are scared to go beyond the event horizon. Yes, we get totally spaced out, including the music. We're made of stardust, and there are some who can prove it, trouble is they have dodgy backgrounds, and probably need a lot of counselling, so as long as they can wait a couple of years so George can get qualified, then all is good. The planet can be saved. In your dream, at least those are the ones that George and Garvin have as the philosophy oozes out all over the place. Told you it was deep.

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