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The Island: A Comics Scifi Fantasy Pop Culture Podcast Welcome to the Island A Comics Scifi Fantasy Pop Culture Podcast If you were stranded on deserted island, this is the podcast that will keep you up-to-date on some of the most popular TV and movie properties. We cover Marvel Cinematic Universe, most DC properties, Game of Thrones, big blockbuster movie series and reboots of the classics scifi and fantasy movies of the past. Various co-hosts join in through out. This podcast is spoilerful Meaning, we will complete discuss and spoil the entire episode being reviewed. Nothing is off limits. The plotlines, character arcs, and influencing events of this episode and all previously aired episodes are fair game. You have been warned! However, this podcast is spoiler-free Meaning, we avoid internet rumors, casting news, future episode titles, and other random social media sound bites. All predictions are based on all aired episodes, official tv promos and next week’s trailer.

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