The Spouses Flipping Houses Podcast With Doug & Andrea Van Soest

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Want to learn how to invest in Real Estate? Want to work with your spouse but are afraid of driving each other crazy?! Spouses Flipping Houses is all about navigating the world of entrepreneurship together with your spouse or loved one, and taking the necessary steps to make money specifically in the field of Real Estate Investing. Whether you are just beginning to think about getting into the “house flipping” business, or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur with loads of experience, you’ll find the topics, tips, discussions & interviews will provide amazing value to help you take your business to the next level…and to do it all successfully with your spouse or loved one. Oh, and you can learn to do it all without killing each other! In fact, if done properly, we think your relationship will grow stronger in the process. Tune in to listen to Doug and Andrea Van Soest, seasoned Real Estate Investors, entrepreneurs and married parents of 3 who love working together, as they lead you down the path of growing your business and relationship together.

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