Dungeons and Dracon Beams: An Animorphs AU DnD Adventure explicit

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Dungeons and Dracon Beams is an Animorphs Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition adventure with an entirely different team of Animorphs in a homebrewed world. What would happen if the events of the Yeerk invasion played out differently? The players will shape their own story, in their own city, fighting their own war. Will they make the change? Join Grant, Reese, Savannah and Zac as they gain the power to turn into any animal they can touch and go claw to tail blade with Visser Three and the Yeerk Empire. New chapters of D&DB will stream every other Sunday with VODs and a podcast released the following week. You can join us at twitch.tv/seezydrop and catch all the action and drama live!

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