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James Rollands

the WNR podcast began in 2015 as the WWE Network Review We watched every week to see if it was worth the 9.99 a month We dedicated a lot of time to it, but when WWE started their own podcasts they tried to shut us down We weren’t having that, so decided to subscribe to more wrestling content NJPW World, RevPro and Impact Plus now all watched on the WNR podcast , We are the WNR!! the WNR podcast is "unofficial" and "not associated or affiliated with World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. ("WWE") ...
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Episode 493! It's AEW WrestleDream! The Entire WNR Team is here! We are all living the Dream as James celebrates 3 years of Jaxie! Not only that but Monty and Gina are here to win Predictions and won't settle for less! Plus lot's more! Enjoy!!द्वारा James Rollands
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