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We're in the process of renovating our office, so the Shonen Jump podcast is going on a hiatus for the summer. During this time, we're also going to consider changes to the podcast, and we want to get feedback from you! What do you want to hear about in the Shonen Jump podcast? Do you like the weekly frequency and podcast length? Any other ideas yo…
We are joined by the letterer of our newest series: The Hunter's Guild: Red Hood. We discuss the classic Fist of the North Star and catch up on some other great series! Segments: 00:50 Introductions 8:00 News 10:52 Manga Discussion
Super Manga Team-Up! Marvel's Ryan Penagos, the legendary Agent M, joins the podcast to chat about comics, manga and more! Segments: 00:55 Introductions 06:00 News 06:56 Questions and Discussion 1:10:00 Twitter Questions
We break down the rage of terror Maki is throwing down in Jujutsu Kaisen. We catch up on all of our favorite reads from this week including: Candy Flurry, Sakamoto Days, and One Piece. Segments: 00:50 Introductions 10:15 Twitter Question 13:50 News 18:14 Manga Discussion
This week we host the infamous manga journalist, Deb Aoki, to get her thoughts on the state of manga and our favorite picks from this week's chapters! Segments: 00:38 Introductions 8:40 News 14:30 Q&A with Deb 45:00 Manga Discussion 1:13:00 Twitter Questions
Of course we didn't talk all about Me & Roboco, but we do catch up on all our favorite series this week and we see your reactions to Choujin X! Segments 0:30 Introductions 5:00 News 10:00 Manga Discussion 51:30 Twitter Question
We catch up with the English Editor and Letterer of Mashle, Kaiju No.8, and Undead Unluck and talk a little bit of how manga and anime work together. Segments: 00:43 Introductions 08:31 News 12:45 Manga Discussion
The crew gets a sugar high from the new series, Candy Flurry. Plus, a major discussion on Jujutsu Kaisen and the Culling Game! Segments: 1:00 Introductions 13:00 News 15:00 Manga Discussion 73:15 Twitter Question
We knock out the podcast early in the morning to cover some of our favorite chapters this week! We also cover some delicious Shonen Jump food that was mentioned on this weeks' Twitter question. Segments: 00:50 Introductions 06:40 News 07:50 Manga Discussion 40:00 Twitter Question
Two of our favorite editors jump in to talk all the madness going on in Black Clover and Jujutsu Kaisen. Plus all we cover all your other favorites on this episode and we discuss the best answers to this weeks' Twitter question!
Alexis jumps back on the podcast for the first time in a while! We share some great moments happening in series such as Me & Roboco, Mission: Yozakura Family, and Jujutsu Kaisen. Segments: 1:02 Introductions 3:04 News 8:45 Manga Discussion
On today's show we discuss all the hilarious hijinks and trope we find in great series such as i tell c, Me & Roboco, Hard Boiled Cop and Dolphin and many more. Segments: 1:20 Introductions 10:30 News 15:00 Manga Discussion
The gang gets together to reminisce about the podcast and where's its been to where it is now. We dive into the our monthly hits like Dragon Ball Super and Boruto, plus many more of our favorites. Segments: 2:40 Introductions 14:00 News 19:30 Manga Discussion
The gang gets excited about the newest series, Nine Dragons' Ball Parade. The newest sports Manga in SJ! Plus we get into i tell c, and WITCH WATCH. Segments: 01:41 Introductions 09:16 News 11:46 Manga Discussion
John Bae joins us for a recap of Jujutsu Kaisen, plus we dive into the newest series WITCH WATCH and give some love to our newest series that have debuted this year. Segments: 01:15 Introductions 06:04 News 07:15 Manga Discussion
The letterer and translator for our brand new series: i tell c join us to discuss the challenges and joys of working on a weekly serialized manga. Segments: 00:38 Introductions 11:00 News 14:20 Manga Discussion
The gang gets together to catch up on Dragon Ball Super, Boruto, and to discuss our newest series The Elusive Samurai. Plus we close out on Hell's Paradise and Our Blood Oath! Segments: 00:39 Introductions 06:15 News 09:52 Manga Discussion
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