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This Sacred Life™ with Transformation Goddess, Shann VanderLeek is a podcast featuring wisdom teachings with visionary women about walking in beauty, reclaiming your feminine sovereignty, and celebrating your life on your terms.
Shanti Timilai

Shanti Timilai

Sancho Shanti Ministries of Sancho Shanti Baptist Church

Shanti Timilai, hosted by Sancho Shanti Baptist Church, airs twice a week. This podcast has been recorded for Nepali Christians who are hungry for sound, passionate Bible teaching. It is our desire that as you listen, you will be encouraged and better equipped to be passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.
Ever wondered if anyone else is going through what you are currently undergoing? Tosh Base is a non-judgmental space that fosters conversations with experts, friends, and strangers on many issues experienced each day- from individual issues to family issues and even relationships. Essentially, everything or every hurdle that makes us who we are today. Touch-base (listen, rate, review, and subscribe) today on Tosh Base!
Whether it's interviews with multinational executives, longtime China experts, or up-and-coming entrepreneurs, China Voices brings you a wide view of doing business in China. In a country where economics is politics, China Voices speaks to the academics and policy experts who try to make sense of the world's second-largest economy and bring you the latest in US-China commercial relations. Thanks for listening!
ShanghaiZhan is a raw, lively, and regular debate about China tech, advertising, creativity & the intersection of it all. Join hosts Ali Kazmi and Bryce Whitwam, for timely discussions on all things China marketing, coming to you directly from Shanghai!
Power to the people! My mission is to help my community become successful entrepreneurs by providing accurate business planning tips, encouraging self-healing and promoting personal developmentThe Wednesday Wine Down w/ Queen Shantis is a platform designed to create opportunities to share, harvest, and promote ideas that ultimately create a legacy for you and yours.
Small business growth expert, Shanna Goodman, will share practical and applicable steps on the mindset and mechanics of pursuing purpose in your small business. Topics include: uncovering your purpose and how to continuously anchor yourself to it, how to overcome procrastination, and even nitty gritty details like how to position yourself online so that you're found by your ideal clients. Shanna Goodman has been helping small businesses grow in meaningful ways for more than 16 years. Raised ...
There is so much great and life-changing information about sex and intimacy, but let’s face it, it can be dry as hell! Intimacy expert and sexologist Shan Boodram takes a deep dive into anything and everything about sex, relationships, and the science of attachment every week with expert guests and friends who will tell all. It’s everything The Talk should be.
A journey into the things we love: D&D / RPGs, tabletop games, wargames, video games, comics and comic books, Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, fan films, movies, TV, books, sci-fi, fantasy, more! Hosted by a fellow geek that supports and encourages geeks and our fandoms in all of their various splendor! Come along and get your geek on (or maybe even discover you inner geek)!
Explain to Shane

Explain to Shane

American Enterprise Institute

Technology has become increasingly important to policy debates, but these debates won’t be productive without an understanding of how the technology in question works. AEI Visiting Fellow Shane Tews interviews tech industry experts to explain how the apps, services, and structures of today’s information technology systems work, and how they shape our social and economic life.
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We speak with Derrick Dennis for an update on the proceedings with the Oxford, Michigan shooting, Alex Stone joins us for an update on what to watch and more importantly the Omicron Variant, and finally, we head to the bluetooth speaker for some #MixtapeMonday.द्वारा KFI AM 640 (KFI-AM)
Listen & subscribe to more FOX Sports podcasts: 00:00 Is Tom Brady MVP favorite? 24:02 NFC East: Washington vs. Dallas 41:55 Will the Bucs release AB? 55:02 LeBron’s rough return 1:07:24 Ravens/Steelers 1:19:18 Chiefs/Broncos 1:30:35 CFB Playoffs 1:46:25 Kareem on LeBron 1:51:49 AFC East: Patriots vs. Bills 1:54:20 OBJ …
Doug Sands is a Weight Loss Hypnotist who specializes in the emotions behind our weight. Using hypnosis, he helps clients remove the emotional roadblocks that most often sabotage our weight and health goals. Doug is also the host of the 'Weight Loss with Hypnosis' podcast, a show that explores the science of weight loss with nutritionists, health c…
In this episode I chat with journalist and author Millie Hill. Millie is the author an amazing new book called "My Period" which is a guide for preteen girls on their cycles. @milli.hill Buy the books - we chat about What it feels like to be a woman Become a cycle detective First period kit Chart your cycle Biggest myths C…
Survivor Global | Survivor 41 Episode 11 Recap | Kiran Naidoo International Survivor RHAPup host Shannon Guss talks with Survivor South Africa star and Chissy winner Kiran Naidoo about episode 11 of Survivor 41. They discuss the Do or Die twist for production and the players, the path forward for each contestant and how the Shot In The Dark perform…
Yes, we are getting close to the end of the year BUT there are still some awesome releases you need to check out before you make your final top 10 (or 25 or 100!) lists. Mike and I discuss a ripping week last week (SION, Imminence, Aaron Gillespie and more!) and 3 really great bands putting out albums this week. And of course TONS of singles. It's …
Listen & subscribe to more FOX Sports podcasts: 00:00 Cowboys/Saints 24:30 Antonio Brown’s suspension 39:40 LeBron clears protocols 48:38 Cowboys’ win 1:04:42 Micah Parsons 1:15:52 SEC Championship preview 1:27:37 Pollard vs. Zeke Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
#569 Today we’re discussing how to get through a rough day with anxiety. Referencing our experience as well as suggestions we hear from anxiety slayers in our community. Today’s Anxiety Slayer podcast is sponsored by Betterhelp and Organifi Are stress and anxiety interfering with your happiness? Have you been considering seeing a therapist but not …
Listen & subscribe to more FOX Sports podcasts: 00:00 LeBron’s cryptic tweet 17:45 Cowboys/Saints preview 38:13 Mac Jones’ “MJ10” nickname 58:23 Cowboys 1:08:22 Alvin Kamara inactive tonight 1:21:49 Ranking Dak 1:32:37 Zeke’s future 1:42:33 Russell Westbrook 1:49:25 Cowboys without Mike McCarthy 1:54:10 Gronk’s GOA…
An entrepreneur’s job is to make things up and then make them real. But sometimes there can be a huge gap between your vision and the implementation of it. So how do you connect those dots? In this episode, Shannon Waller unpacks the difference between strategies and tactics, and shows you how to use two favorite Strategic Coach tools to transform …
When the pandemic hit, the luxury business was doomed, or was it? China was not only Luxury's comeback kid, but it also helped redefine the category for the post-pandemic world. How can you define luxury through a complete mobile experience? In this episode, we have modern luxury experts Artefact's Mike Zhu & Serena Shen talk about how China made i…
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