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This podcast is all about generating income from home through tax sale overages and mortgage surplus funds. I’ve personally been involved in 100's of deals helping homeowners recover excess proceeds that rightfully belonged to them. The process to begin making money from surplus funds is straightforward. Just follow the 5 step Overage Profitability Formula: C4=P=$$$ The steps are: 1. Create Leads 2. Conduct research 3. Contact 4. Contract 5. Profit. Also check out our YouTube channel “overag ...
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In This episode I share with you my experience the last few months during the COVID-19 pandemic, what we’ve experienced as a business and what to expect in the future. To get started learning this business check out
For more information on overages, surplus funds, and excess proceeds, check out our YouTube channel overage syndicate, as well as our Facebook group overages, excess proceeds, surplus funds, how to profit. To learn how to do these deals on your own, visit
Want to get started in the overage business? Want to learn from someone doing it currently and possibly partner with them? Go check out
In order to close more deals it’s best to have multiple ways to get a hold of your prospects. In this episode we go over the different ways I like to use to find potential clients.
Today I lost $8000 in net profit. All because I missed a small detail when doing my research. Learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to make them yourself.
This is a case study of one of my first deals in my Overage business. It deals with recovering funds following a foreclosure sale. Theses funds are often referred to as overages, overbids, surplus funds or excess proceeds.
In this episode we discuss my primary focus, which is recovering overages for homeowners. We discuss what an overage is, how it’s created, and how to profit from them. For help on getting started go to
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