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**NOT MEDICAL ADVICE** Anatomy and Physiology topics explained in 10-20 min. This podcast can be used as review, lecture prep (at the 200ish level), or recreational learning. Episodes are based on areas of peak confusion, and questions asked by lab students in the 211 lab that I assist in. Cover art is a drawing by your host, Frances Cronin. Support this podcast:
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I’ve received several requests for the cranial nerves in long form, and here they are! I used the Greys Anatomy for Students 10th Edition, and Netters anatomy atlas (and most everything in here is common knowledge).--- Support this podcast:
In this episode Yair and Fran explain how two cells can become one. Warning, this episode was recorded late at night, and Fran tells jokes she wouldn’t tell if tiredness hadn’t effected her judgement. This is your chance to catch up on sex Ed with an awesome guest host. --- Support this podcast:…
Don’t get lost in a world of hormones when studying female repro, listen to this instead! Reference: 8th edition Martini, Timmons and Tallitsch’s Human Anatomy. --- Support this podcast:
Using FSH as an example, I explain how the hypothalamus communicates with the anterior pituitary, in order to release hormones into circulation. Don’t be scared of endocrine 😉 reference: 8th edition Martini, Timmons and Tallitsch’s Human anatomy. --- Support this podcast:…
Trying to figure out the difference between collagen and reticular fibers? You’re in the right spot. reference: 8th edition Martini, Timmons and Tallitsch’s Human anatomy. --- Support this podcast:
The semester is days away, which means that Anatomy and Physiology profs, TAs, and lab rats everywhere are dusting off histology slides. Get a preview of epithelial tissue, before the madness begins with this new episode of Lab Rats! . Definition, functions, special adaptations, and classification. Free “start of semester pep talk” if you get to th…
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