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Heritage Baptist Church, Johannesburg

Heritage Baptist Church, Johannesburg

Heritage Baptist Church: Johannesburg, South Africa

Heritage Baptist Church exists by the grace of God and for the glory of God, which is the ultimate purpose of all our activities. We seek to glorify the God of Scripture by promoting His worship, edifying and equipping the saints, evangelizing the nations, planting and strengthening churches, calling other assemblies to biblical faithfulness and purity, encouraging biblical fellowship among believers and ministering to the needy, thus proclaiming and defending God’s perfect law and glorious ...
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This Lord’s Day we begin a short series on the New Testament office of Elder. Who are the elders? Why did the Lord Jesus give them to the church? What is the church’s relationship to them? And what are their lives to be like? We will begin to answer these questions as we consider the three titles of elders in the New Testament.…
Even though Paul boasts in his weakness regarding his sufferings, persecutions and calamities, the Corinthians must not confuse his weakness for powerlessness. In this next section of 2 Corinthians we will see the power of the resurrected Christ in dealing with those who continue in unrepentant sin.
This Lord’s Day we resume our series in 2nd Corinthians: Strength Through Suffering In this iconic passage the Apostle Paul shows us that true power in ministry and in the Christian life is not found in private revelations or ecstatic experiences but through humble delight in sufferings.
For the first time in Acts, we see God himself directly involved in choosing an individual to be evangelized. Whom does God choose? An outcast who would not be allowed in the Jerusalem temple. Pastor Mpumelelo takes us through an episode in Philip’s ministry where the Holy Spirit directs him to a gentile Eunuch, and in this story we see the great g…
God blesses Stephen with an apostolic ministry and opponents rise up against him from every corner of the Roman world. In this instalment of our series in Acts, Pastor Mpumelelo explains the devilish response of the Hellenistic Jews against Stephen's ministry.
The Lord Jesus said the church will be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth. So far in Acts, the gospel has gone to Jerusalem and Judea. How will god bring the Gospel to Samaria and the ends of the earth? It begins with division in the church. Pastor Mpumelelo unpacks Acts 6 as we continue our study in Acts.…
The Church in Acts is persecuted time and time again. In this latest instance, the apostles are thrown in prison for proclaiming Christ. This leaves us with a few questions. What is persecution? Why is it there? Where does it come from? Pastor Mpumelelelo tackles these questions and more in this instalment of our study in Acts.…
The apostles performed many signs and wonders as the church grew. What lessons can we learn from these miracles? Why don't we see them today? Pastor Mpumelelo exhorts us to have confidence in the message of the apostles as it is authenticated by these signs in this installment of our series in Acts.
Luke tells us of the remarkable life of the first church of Jerusalem. The love they had for each other was such that not a needy person was found among them in a group of well over 5000. Pastor Mpumelelo takes us through this remarkable passage as we continue our series in the book of Acts.
After the lame man is healed, the apostles are arrested. How do they react? What lessons are there for us in how the church handles opposition to the Gospel? In this instalment of our series in Acts, Pastor Mpumelelo exhorts us to steadfastness in proclaiming the resurrection from the dead in Christ.…
After 3000 people respond to Peter's sermon, they are all saved and added to the disciples' number. How did this first Christian church live? and what can we learn from these our forefathers? Pastor Mpumelelo takes us through Luke's description of these Christians and their priorities.
The Apostle Peter stands up to address the Israelites at the coming of the Holy Spirit. What follows is an exposition of the Israelites sin, and a scandalous offer of grace. Pastor Mpumelelo takes us through this passage and shows us that the offer of forgiveness is for all who are laden with guilt.
The great day of Pentecost arrived in Acts 2. What does it mean? Should we expect another day or event like it? How should we live in light of it? Pastor Mpumelelo unpacks the significance of this great day in Christian History and its implications for us.
Luke details for us the names of the first Christian church, the original witnesses to the resurrection as well as their replacement of Judas. From this account, Pastor Mpumelelo shows us that Christianity is founded upon real events that really happened with credible witnesses who testify to them,
Who is Jesus Christ? From about Chapter one of Luke to its climax in chapter 9, Luke puts together evidence from historical records, the old testament and eyewitness accounts that thoroughly answer the question as to Jesus’ identity. Pastor Mpumelelo gives us an overview of Jesus' identity as we begin a series in Acts 1.…
Why do Christians allow themselves to be spiritually abused? Over the past few years, we have seen "prophets" feed people rat poison and petrol. Why do they allow this? Pastor Michael examines the nature of the Corinthians' acceptance of spiritual in this instalment of our series in 2 Corinthians.
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