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Word from the bird is there's a new Help! episode, and this one really razzes my berries. Meanwhile, back at the ranch Candice guesses old people slang to give y'all the skinny. So don't bogart the headphones. Also thongs.द्वारा Nolan Holder & Candice Zheng
As the clock ticks towards our inevitable doom’s Candice has escaped yet another year of the Grimm Reaper. That’s right, it’s her birthday. Fourteen years ago today the worlds largest annoyance popped out into this world and today is the day that her only two friends to remember celebrate it.द्वारा Nolan Holder & Candice Zheng
Really? You think you're the queens of the tick's and the tock's. Well there's a new challenger waiting in the shadows coming to take you down. Watch your back Charlie. Watch your back. Tock's and Tock's: helpwithnolanftcandiceद्वारा Nolan Holder & Candice Zheng
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