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Blaine Sumner comes on to chat about his unorthodox training since he won the Worlds in 2016 and how he’s using this training to make himself the best ever. He also discusses his coaching and we have Rhaea Stinn come on as a special guest as she is currently being coached by Blaine.…
We sit down with Connor Lutz, a multi-time international competitor, former world record holder and all around nice guy. He discussing how he sets up his own training and how he developed that style.द्वारा Canadian Powerlifting Podcast
We sit down and have a great conversation with Keith about a number of topics including his warm up and training routine as well as his competitive history and the 2017 World team.द्वारा Canadian Powerlifting Podcast
We sit down with Joel, the meet director for 2017 Nationals and the president of the QPF. We discuss both of those topics as well as his well established and very competitive club, Mo-Fo Barbell.द्वारा Canadian Powerlifting Podcast
Brody sits down with us to discuss his training and how it’s progressed from RPE to percentage based. His club and how it’s transformed over the years and how working shift work has forced him to modify the way he trains.द्वारा Canadian Powerlifting Podcast
We sat down and talked with Trent about his year of lifting, both worlds and recently his performance at provincials. We asked him why he squats so much, how he plans his training cycle intensities and why he has such a fresh cut all the time.…
We chat with Maria Htee, the highest wilks holder in the womens classic division in Canada. We discuss her training, her recovery protocol, her experience at worlds and more!द्वारा Canadian Powerlifting Podcast
The three of us sit down and chat about a few topics that have come up recently. Staying motivated when you aren’t competing soon, competing through adversity or injury, deloading, and more.द्वारा Canadian Powerlifting Podcast
We sit down the two time World Champion Brett Gibbs and talk about his lifting from worlds as well as how he models his training as well as the training for his athletes.द्वारा Canadian Powerlifting Podcast
This week just the three of us sit down to discuss Classic Worlds in Killeen Texas. We talk about Steve’s lifting and also about the importance of building a total.द्वारा Canadian Powerlifting Podcast
Our guests this week are Mallory Rowan of LVD Fitness and Maggie Morgan. Mallory talks about starting LVD Fitness and how it has grown. Maggie discusses training for her first international event.द्वारा Canadian Powerlifting Podcast
Joanne Rieber happened to be in Moose Jaw so we decided to sit down and chat with her for a short conversation on upcoming worlds and this years nationals.द्वारा Canadian Powerlifting Podcast
We sat down with Brittney Bergen this week to talk about training both powerlifting and weightlifting at the same time.द्वारा Canadian Powerlifting Podcast
Aras Kvedaras, chiropractor extraordinaire, joins us this week to talk about his work with the Canadian Powerlifting Union and some tips and tricks for people to try to stay healthy.द्वारा Canadian Powerlifting Podcast
Stef Puddicome is our guest and we talk about her performance at Nationals and the Arnold. We also get into cutting weight and how the mental game changes and adapts over time.द्वारा Canadian Powerlifting Podcast
JP Cauchi is one of the best 66kg lifters on the planet in the classic division. He holds the junior world records in the squat and deadlift and has won junior worlds twice. He is also quite an accomplished coach having worked with some of the best lifters around.…
Adam Ramzy may be one of the most well rounded lifters in Canada and he continues to improve by tracking metrics like it’s his job. Listen up and take something away from this.द्वारा Canadian Powerlifting Podcast
We got a chance to sit down with two of the best female lifters in Canada, Kacey Baines and Sarah Leighton. They have both been in the sport a long time and we have a great conversation around training, competing and the changes in the sport.…
We sat down with Kelly the night he lifted and went over how his day went, the attempt selection and his experience that day.द्वारा Canadian Powerlifting Podcast
We sit down with the Commonwealth coaching team and discuss what it’s like to be thrust into a high pressure coaching situation with a hundred athletes in a week.द्वारा Canadian Powerlifting Podcast
We discuss the current state of the CPU in regards to doping control, coaching and refereeing. We also look to the future with what is needed to keep the CPU growing and flourishing.द्वारा Canadian Powerlifting Podcast
Rhaea Stinn talks about international competitions, weight classes and how to keep cool on game day.द्वारा Canadian Powerlifting Podcast
Powerlifting with Kelly Branton: Equipped vs. Raw Training, Overload Principles, Overcoming Injuries, Learning from Mistakes.द्वारा Canadian Powerlifting Podcast
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