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Adventum is an actual play, tabletop RPG podcast set in Bioware’s beloved sci-fi universe of Mass Effect. Starting shortly after the events of Mass Effect 2, the story is centered around an unlikely group of adventurers caught in a galaxy-wide struggle between the reapers, Cerberus and the mysterious Janus Collective. Each episode is played by a group of friends looking to have fun while also offering a high-quality listening experience for our audience. A new episode is released every 1st o ...
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With Sicario Station behind them, the crew has a moment to reconnect and plan their next mission. That said, a quick stop at the Legionnaire brings to light some the Janus Collectives most guarded secrets.द्वारा Adventum
Season 3 starts off with a bang! Mark Meer returns as a guest as he reprises his role as Vrykk! The Rubicon crew return to Sicario Station to pick up vital supplies but events quickly spiral out of control.द्वारा Adventum
DJ Manifest is coming to the Citadel, and C-Sec is on edge. With the big festival comes a new drug ready to take over the station. Two officers are sent to join the DJ's entourage and uncover the truth.द्वारा Adventum
The Rubicon crew defends the monastery from Cerberus forces, but will their resolve and determination be enough? Jisera's past comes front and center in a less than joyful reunion. Aboard the Rubicon, the Janus team must finally decide if they're willing to stay and fight or cut their losses and run.…
As the Rubicon races to Thessia, the crew get to know the new Janus Collective members, but introductions are limited as everyone prepares for the inevitable confrontation with Cerberus.द्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
A Janus Collective team is sent to question the Rubicon crew on their actions and determine if trust can be mended. However, the recent events continues to weigh heavy on some of the team. Can everyone come together for the next mission or will the team continue to fracture?द्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
Aboard the Rubicon, the crew continues to deal with the aftermath of the Palaven mission. With mounting questions about the Janus Collective, loyalties are pushed to the limits.द्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
Commander Nickens, Milovea, and Volor find themselves in the heart of the OSR - having just proclaimed themselves Janus Collective operatives. Meanwhile, Vok, Jisera, and Sena secure Verillia back onto the Rubicon, but other tasks proves harder than they imagined. Will everyone make it off of the planet this time?…
A team of mercenaries led by krogan battlemaster, Vok Khirk, is assigned to partake on a dangerous mission. What will we learn about Vok's past and will we be left with only more questions?Special Guest: Kelly Nugentद्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
The Rubicon crew puts their plan into action. Half the team tries to rescue Verillia from the prison convoy find themselves face-to-face with OSR agents. The others works to infiltrate the OSR building but have to deal with the sudden arrival of a Turian primarch.द्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
A young Lt. Nickens leads a team of Alliance soldiers on a daring raid. Special guest John Roiniotis joins the crew for this exciting one-off. Will we learn more about Commander Nickens backstory or will we be left with only more questions?द्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
The crew begins the planning stages of how they'll take on the current mission. However, new factors within the mission may make the completion of it more difficult for the team as a whole.द्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
When five different krogans respond to a high-paying contract, they find themselves transported to the ruins of a decaying facility. But not everything, as they soon discover, is what it seems...Video of this episode can be found here:द्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
As the Rubicon leaves Malaturn city behind, the crew must comes to terms with their last mission. Everyone deals with aftermath in their own way, but there's little respite. The galaxy is in turmoil and the crew must select their next mission.द्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
Commander Nickens continues to maneuver the tense situation with the T'saru family while the rest of the Rubicon crew gears up for the heist. Unfortunately, window for successful is becoming dangerously narrow.द्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
A new audio log has been detected on the Extranet! Jisera of the Rubicon crew speaks with a trusted friend within the Justicar order as they talk about the upcoming heist mission and other issues that the team and her are dealing with!द्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
The Rubicon crew head to Malaturn City to steal ancient artifacts from a local museum. The team begins their heist with a a little reconnaissance. What could possibly go wrong?द्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
As the crew leaves Sicario Station behind, they try their best to decompress aboard the Rubicon. However, there's precious little time to relax as the galaxy continues to tear itself apart.द्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
The situation on Sicario station continues to deteriorate. While part of the crew continues to secure the primary objective, Vok and Commander Nickens deal with threats aboard the Rubicon.द्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
Another journal entry from the past has been obtained and released to the Extranet as Vok Khirk (played by Matt Acevedo) has a few words to share with talking about his former team, the Ghosts of the Void!द्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
It's not going well for the Rubicon crew. A mission that started off strong is quickly spiraled out of control. Will the team be able to rally or continue to be pulled in different directions?द्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
The group's situation on Sicario Station goes from bad to worse. Run ins with a highly trained mercenary team, old rivals out for revenge, and a Janus Collective package that still needs to be collected. Will the team be able to pull everything together or will the situation continue to spiral out of control?…
A new journal entry has been released onto the Extranet as Commander Nickens reflects on the aftermath of the mission on New Riverton and the new information regarding the findings within his DNA!द्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
With the first package secured, the Rubicon team moves to complete the rest of the mission. Their next objective is located in the resort district of Sicarrio Station. Will this finally give the team a chance for some much needed R&R?द्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
A new journal entry has been released onto the Extranet! The audio consists of Volor Rau during his time as an active STG member as he assesses with his past team a breakdown of a mission they recently completed.द्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
The lush, tropical planet of Scion Delta finds itself under siege! In our GenCon 2020 special one-off episode, we follow the story of a new group of strangers made from community generated bios. Will they be able to escape a planet devolving into chaos or will they all meet a gruesome fate?Video of this session can be found here: https://www.youtub…
Season 2 kicks off with a bang! Special guest player Mark Meer (the voice of the male Commander Shepherd!). It's been several weeks since the events of New Riverton and the team heads out on their next assignment. Will they learn from their past or be doomed to repeat it? - Special Guest: Mark Meer (Vrik)…
With their time on New Riverton at an end, the crew of the Rubicon must come to terms with their most recent actions. Will they come together? Or will this wedge finally pull them apart?द्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
Tupol Azon has been found, but can the crew extract him in one piece? With Cerberus, Batarians, and Justicars closing in, the trek to the Rubicon is a daunting one.द्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
An audio entry from a past mission with Vok Khirk of the Rubicon crew, (played by Matt Acevedo) and Ozeki (played by @DaMoonRulz) has been released onto the Extranet. How did the two krogans fare?द्वारा Mass Effect: Adventum
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