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Former Vanderbilt offensive lineman Ryan Seymour started 35 games in his career with the Commodores while participating at four different positions. Seymour was later drafted in the 7th round of the NFL Draft, suiting up for seven different teams. Seymour is now joined by Matt Perkins to bring you in-depth analysis on Coach Clark Lea and his team.
The path to better health lies in our DNA. Our drive to discover, care, learn and share is in our DNA. It defines who we are, just as your DNA defines you. On Season 2, we're exploring trust, authenticity and inclusivity in the era of COVID-19 – as well as climate change, evolving ICU care, health equity, why hard conversations matter, and why the rise in young adult colon cancer rates means it's time to bust the stigma (and more!). New episodes drop every week starting Aug. 23. #ListenDNA
Learn along side the Vanderbilt Internal Medicine Residents: Knowledge and best practice in this field are constantly changing. As new research and experience broaden our understanding, changes in research methods or professional practices may become necessary. Practitioners and researchers must always rely on their own experience and knowledge in evaluating their patients when using any information or methods described herein. In using such information or methods, they should be mindful of ...
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Ash Wednesday calls us to turn our gaze to the earth, to remember we are stardust, golden, blessed. Ash Wednesday also nudges us to downward mobility, to humility, to prayerfully change. Sermon begins at 13:19.द्वारा The Rev. Dr. Scott Owings
Moses and Elijah haven't shown up fo rme as they did for Jesus; however, two of my beloved Ukranian friends--Vitali & Zoya--have been on my heart and by my side, encouraging me to pray, "Archangel Michael: Slava. Glory. Deliver Ukraine from evil and guide them (and all of us) into grace and peace." Sermon begins at 12:32.…
Part of our jobs as seeksers, truth lovers, and disciples, is to look for the dance, those moments when you and I are with the Holy Spirit. There are steps to this dance that people have been following for centuries. Sermon begins at 10:24.द्वारा The Rev. Becca Stevens
Episode Notes In this episode, we discuss the always daunting (but hopefully not anymore after listening) topic of hyponatremia - with our chief nephrology fellow Max Nutt. We get to hear a nephrologist walk us through how they think through the physiology and diagnosis of hyponatremia, and also how they approach management in the inpatient setting…
Dr. Tiffany Farmer, PhD, has used her skills and interest in science communication to create her career path, now has a manager of a team of Medical Science Liaisons. Learn more about her role as well as what she looks for in candidates!द्वारा Vanderbilt University
Our readings this morning -- as well as the beloved Thich Nhat Hanh who died this week -- invite us to Getaway. But it's not just getting away from worry and hurry and suffering that we desperately need; Spirit is ever nudging a get-away to the joy and peace of the Lord. Sermon begins at 14:50.द्वारा The Rev. Dr. Scott Owings
What does it mean to come into an understanding of the Christmas season? Its coming to a place to see in this story God gathering all of God's people together from across the diaspora, and telling us that he will turn our mourning into joy. Let us all receive this gift. Sermon begins at 10:47.द्वारा The Rev. Francisco Garcia
What child is this? We are the child of God bearing the love of Christ in us. We are the child who is embraced and then sent back out to love again. This year dear child of God, "we raise a song on high as Mary sings a lullaby" to all the children of God she loves as her own. Sermon begins at 12:02.द्वारा The Rev. Becca Stevens
Ryan and Matt discuss the final weeks of the season, what they saw from the Commodores, and what they want to see moving forward into the offseason. Follow us on Twitter @BleavInVandy and on Instagram @BleavInVandy To get in contact with the show, email us at BleavInVandy@gmail.comद्वारा Bleav Podcast Network
"The End is near" is good news, a reminder that history is evolving to an end, an omega point, where everything and everyone returns to the Beloved. But there's something else that must not be missed; that is, the end--the Omega--is a name for the One who is and was and is to come, the Almighty. Sermon begins at 10:18.…
The lessons today are cosmic, and they remind us that through our rebirth, we become peace, we become love, even in the hardest of times. Together, we walk towards these greener pastures. Sermon begins at 9:37.द्वारा The Rev. Becca Stevens
Dr. Marquicia Pierce, PhD, shares about her role in technology start-ups and her unique advice on what current graduate students and postdoctoral fellows should pursue with their interest in business.द्वारा Vanderbilt University
Ryan and Matt recap the Missouri game and talk about what they want to see in the last three games of the season from the Commodores. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice atद्वारा Bleav Podcast Network
Join us as we chat with Lehanna Sanders, PhD, Business Development Manager, Advanced Solutions Life Sciences. Dr. Sanders focuses on national and international sales of bioprinting technology and tissue engineering solutions.द्वारा Vanderbilt University
Ryan and Matt are back after a brief hiatus to discuss everything happening with the Vanderbilt Commodores football team, including what they're seeing on the field and bigger issues off the field. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at…
Dr. Shruti Sharma, PhD, is a postdoctoral alumna of Vanderbilt University and currently a data scientist with Ingram Content Group. Dr. Sharma's encouraging episode tells us about her path and what to pursue with an interest in data science.द्वारा Vanderbilt University
Be Bartimaeus, recognize your blindness and where you need to shout for mercy, because this is the biggest gift you can give yourself to walk the path forward. The whole world is where Bartimaeus is, shouting on the side of the road Son of David, Have Mercy! Sermon begins at 10:20.द्वारा The Rev. Becca Stevens
Modern medicine doesn't have a tonic for lovesick hearts, but an astounding number of people get heart transplantations in Nashville, TN. The path to transplantation is as much of an emotional rollercoaster as an exhibit of advances, courage and despair. Hear what it takes to make sure hearts keep beating well into the future.…
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